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    Changing color ProPhoto RGB


      Hey guys,


      So I initially thought this was an issue converting from PSD to JPG. I have found it seems to be a color workspace problem.




      I work on an image in Photoshop under the ProPhoto RGB workspace, the raw image is exported in that workspace from CaptureOne.


      I am using s Surface Pro 3, windows 10.



      Finish editing an image, save as JPEG with profile embedded. Open JPEG, it has a purple tinge to it when opened on the default Microsoft photo viewer or CaptureOne.


      Now the part I'm confused with. If I open the display settings in calibrate color settings, set the color space of the monitor to ProPhoto RGB then open the PSD file in photo shop, it is exactly the same as the JPEG opened in the viewer.


      So, I am unsure what I need to change here and how I can fix this issue. I want what I initially see in Photoshop to be the same when saved as a JPEG.



      I have read through other forum posts that discuss color changes between PSD and JPEG, my issue seems to be with how Photoshop works with the monitor.