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    Repeated download prompts


      Hi, I am using OS X version 10.11.5 w/Safari v9.1.1 (11601.6.17). I'm on day 3 of being prompted to download flash player update.  The version of the update is the same, v22.0.0.209, and the exact same size of 773kb.  I apply the update, in a few hours I'm prompted to do it again.  I have used the "Update Now" button on the notification as well as trying to do the update from Adobe.com itself.  They all show "Installation completed" with the green checkmark.  Safari's Security settings have "Allow" for Flash.  This is very frustrating.  My downloads folder is filling up with incremental versions of this same download (AdobeFlashPlayer_22_a_install.dmg, AdobeFlashPlayer_22_a_install-2.dmg, etc. Plus AdobeFlashPlayer_22ppau_a_install.dmg.)  Please advice how I can fix this. Thanks.