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    Dual Monitor hardware setup


      I've been using Photoshop and Lightroom for about 8 years now and for the last year have a dual monitor setup.

      This is great and works seamlessly once I got the hang of the Lightroom support for it.

      I have an excellent Samsung 27 inch (S27E390) LED as my primary monitor and an older Samsung 21.5 inch P2250 LCD monitor as the second display.

      I want to buy a second S27E390 display to make both monitors identical as the 2nd LCD display is does not show colours the same as the primary LED display even though both are profiled with colormunki. This is obvious as they are different screen technologies.


      Question: What is the best connection setup for 2 identical monitors?


      I have an Nvidea GeForce 210 (for the Open GL Support as my outputs from the motherboard do not support this standard and make Lightroom and Photoshop run very slowly).

      The 27 inch LED monitor is connected to the HDMI output of the card, the 21.5 inch LCD connected to the VGA of the same card.


      My question to you guys out there:


      As I cannot connect a new second 27Inch LED monitor via HDMI as its already used, do I:

      1) connect it via the VGA plug and hope the colours will be the same on both monitors.

      2) buy a second video card and use the HDMI output on that so I have 2 identical Video card / monitor setups.

      3) is there a recommended cheap video card that has 2 HDMI outputs?