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    I can't Authorize ADE on my pc


      I can't authorize Digital Editions on my pc.  I get "Activation Server Error"  and "Digital Editions encountered an error on the activation server."

      I can sign into my Adobe Account on their web page.  How can I authorize ADE on my computer.

      I am using Windows 10, is that the problem?


      YEAH!!!!!  I found the answer searching ADE facts, I had to deauthorize my computer and then reactivated ADE.  That Worked.



      Windows XP/Vista/7

      1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
      2. Press Control+Shift+D to deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions.
      3. Select Erase Authorization.
      4. Click OK and quit Adobe Digital Editions.
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          I can't get this to work. I tried several time to de-authorize and the reauthorize and still I can't move a book from ADE to my reader. This only impacts DRM ebooks. I am dealing with a new reader to which I transferred half my ebooks before switching to a new computer. It is in the new computer that I can't make the transfer. The old computer used Vista and the new computer version 10