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    open old PM file


      I am looking for anyone who has a pre-intel Mac with PageMaker.  I have some files that were originally created in PM 3, I believe were converted to PM 4.2.  I'm pretty sure they can be opened in PM 7.  I just need them opened and saved as a PDF so I can look at them, print them.  I don't need to open them in InDesign and do any editing or work on them.  Just need to see them.  The are simply charts I made of my geneology, nothing confidential or that I would need special security with.


      If anyone can help, I'd be happy to pay something.  You would just need to be able to open an old Mac PageMaker file.  This can only be done if you have a pre-intel Mac (PPC or older).


      If you can help, please let me know.  I need it right away.