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    Follow up

    RL Potts

      This would be easier if there was a good way to respond to the responses.  I am using windows 7.  I lost the link to my hard drive.  See previous post.  The old connection was marked as K drive.  Now the drive shows up as G drive.  My computer now won't accept the letter K.  In Lightroom, all of the files on the drive are listed as missing.


      After posing my question here, I called Adobe support. 
      The Technician informed me that my computer had been hacked and was a train wreck.  60-65% of my photos have been encrypted. Sometime someone might remove them.  I need something called Cryptolocker to save them.  This would cost me $499.00.  I wanted to think about this a bit before I committed.  By the time I escaped from the clutches of Adobe, my computer wouldn't reboot.  I called up Dell support and after a ton of work, the computer is back on line, but they couldn't help me with Adobe software. 


      I hope this is not typical behavior of Adobe.  I should have chosen different software it seems.  My question is, How can I save decades worth of photos from destruction?