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    Wrapping a pattern around a cup

    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


      Having a rough time aligning an Adobe Capture pattern on the back seam of a coffee or beverage cup. I'm given an image size to work with, but nothing else to go on. Any tips out there? I'll add anything I find to this post.



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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Kevin,


          I usually use the UV offset in the diffuse properties to move the pattern position.


          1. Select the material in the 3D panel,

          2. Look in the Properties panel and click the flyout next to the Diffuse texture thumbnail.

          3. Choose "Edit UV Properties."

          4. Change the X or Y offset percentage to position the pattern appropriately (you can also change the scale and tiling here).


          Hope this helps! (Sorry the pattern is ugly, just one that I had in my Library panel )





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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Thanks mhoffman2001,

            That's quite a detailed response. Thanks for that. It shows that I have a bit more to learn about 3D in Photoshop!


            What I needed was a little easier and I was able to solve the issue with a little creative thinking. I was able to solve the issue by scaling the pattern to a point where the right and left edges showed half the pattern on each side of the Photoshop comp. I had to eyeball this, and would have liked to have slightly finer adjustment with scaling, but was able to pull off the design in the end.



            Screenshot 2016-08-01 09.33.48.png


            Screenshot 2016-08-01 09.34.09.png

            The seam of the cup is along the back of the cup, so I can check its alignment. Looks great!


            BTW, this pattern comes from a close up photo of this sign in Carmel, CA:

            Cypress Sign.jpg

            The Cypress Inn used to be owned by Doris Day and is famous for its friendliness towards pets, especially dogs!


            This proof of concept has turned into a sellable item online. Thanks very much for the assistance!




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