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    CPU utilization peaks around 50%

    Howard Hoffman Level 1



      Before this, I was running Premiere Pro CS 6 on Windows 10 with 16 GB RAM.  Premiere can reach nearly 100% CPU utilization in things such as image stabilization.


      I just did a clean installation of Windows on new SSD (the only change in the PC).  Now it peaks around 50%.  The CPU has 8 physical cores (AMD FX 8320E) and I can see all of them are in use nearly 50%.  One thing noticeable is that the core are running at only around 2 GHz while the max is 3.5 GHz (no overclock).  When encoding finishes,   Changing power plan does not have any effect.


      This is not just the reported number is low.  The stablizer runs only at about half the speed (frame per sec) compared to the old SSD.


      I've checked


      CPU affinity (all core)

      Memory set-aside in preference (changed to a small number and task manager shows only about 9 out of 16 GB of RAM are used).


      Is there any other things I could check?  I know this might not be just a Premiere (could by OS).