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    Acrobat DC Mac Split PDF based on bookmarks only creates one page

    rcoda1 Level 1

      I have done this before, albeit on the previous version of Acrobat Pro. I am on DC Pro now, current version, Apple Mac Book Pro 15" Retina (2014) El Capitan up to date, with 16 gigs RAM. I have a PDF (this is a print PDF x1a file, that I have exported from InDesign WITH Bookmarks, and as tagged [that didn't seem to make a difference]. 8 pages. Bookmarks were correctly made in InDesign (current version) and export correctly to the PDF. When I go through the procedure (Organize/Split/Top Level Bookmarks, name files based on bookmarks) it only creates one PDF, the last page, which is named correctly. Why is it ignoring the first 7 pages? Should I be using a different spec than x1a? These are for offset printing and there are a lot of files... just trying to save myself some time on the back end. Thanks in advance.