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    Dead pixels in slideshow?

    Jake H83



      I have created a time-lapse in the 2015.6 version of lightroom. When I initially processed the photos there were no dead pixels (at least I think they are dead).  After I moved my collection to the slide show and created the time-lapse did the pixels appear.  They do not show up for every picture, but I would say they can be found on about 97% of the photos.  They don't show up when I go back to develop. They are still there after export.  Has anyone come across this before or might know what to do? 




      *This is just a small part of the photo.  There are many more throughout the whole sequence.  They show up as magenta, green, and blue.  Again, they are not on every photo and they are stationary.* 

      deadpixels 2.JPG