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    Render multiple frames simultaneously - is this a workaround?


      Hi, I have a composition where i am using lots of single threaded effects (if that is the correct description) such as Shadows / Highlights so when it comes to final render i cant do simultaneous frames and the render is 8 or so times slower.


      I was wondering if i ran two or more instances of after affects (on the same machine) using the -m parameter shortcut trick to deal with the first 50% and second 50% of the footage, would this increase efficiency of the render significantly? I have a lot of RAM so could throw around 60GB at each instance of AE. Then the plan would be to just join the two uncompressed outputs either with After Effects or some other program.


      I am asking here rather than experimenting because it is easier than waiting for a slow render and possibly it will also help someone else.