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    Unwanted frames between comps when rendering

    Sufferincats Level 1

      When rendering a timeline with a series of comps on it I get strange flash frames at the cuts. They are elements like background stills. I am compositing animation from image sequences with painted backgrounds made in Photoshop. Each scene in the cartoon is a separate comp. The comps are sequenced in a final comp which is rendered to make the movie. The flash frames appear at the scene cuts. It was made with h264, but the actual codec doesn't seem to be the source of the problem since I can see the frames while the video is being rendered in the AE project window. My workaround has been to render out each comp separately and assemble them in Premier. But this never happened before 2015 and of course this shouldn't be happening at all. I would like to show you the video but it is not posted on a public website like youtube.
      Your help would be most appreciated.