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    Windows 10, system and compressed memory process & slow Lightroom performance

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      I'm using Lightroom 6.6 (non-CC version) and since months, I noticed degrading performance on my Windows 10 machine the longer Lightroom runs. Restarts of LR solve the problem for a while, but anywhere between minutes and an hour, Lightroom performance drops to a level where it becomes unusable.


      Finally, I think I found a reproducible indicator in the task manager that might lead to the reason for this - it seems to be connected to the "System and compressed memory" process that is new in Windows 10. It might be a coincidence, it might be correlation instead of causation - but that's what I want to find out.


      When I start Lightroom and edit a few photos, everything seems normal in Task Manager:

      17-07-2016 00-59-41.png

      Lightroom uses about 6 GB of memory, which is OK as I have 24 GB of RAM in my machine. The mentioned system and compressed memory process currently keeps a low profile with 204 MB memory usage and Lightroom performs well at this point.


      A few photos later though, things start to get worse:

      17-07-2016 01-09-15.png

      The system and compressed memory process increases its memory footprint and the memory footprint of Lightroom decreases. At this point, I think Lightroom is already slower - but it could be just imagination. It's not so bad so that I could be sure it really is.


      But a few more minutes and photo edits later, system and compressed memory passes Lightroom in memory usage and that's when things always become really bad:

      17-07-2016 01-37-54.png

      System and compressed memory draws more and more memory away from Lightroom, and while this happens, Lightrooms performance is killed. As far as I understand system and compressed memory, it's intention is to compress memory instead of paging it to disk - but it seems it has high performance implications here and there would even be no need to page or compress memory as there is plenty available:


      17-07-2016 01-38-08.png

      Might be a Windows problem, might be a Lightroom problem - chances are, it's a combination of both. With 24 GB of RAM and Lightroom being the only memory-intensive application running, this should not happen or cause problems. I use other memory intensive applications like Visual Studio, or sometimes Premiere - this does not happen when using this applications.


      I can't believe I'm the only one experiencing this on Windows 10 - yet I did not find much about this online, just a few comments about it in some support threads here and there, but no solution.


      So - here's my question - have others experienced this too? Was someone able to get this under control? It's really frustrating to restart Lightroom every 30 to 60 minutes to get a good performance.


      Thanks for any hints