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    Problems with 4k laptop resolution...  Is 4k worth the hassles, when 1080 is so easy to edit and export

    provlima Level 1

      I am a video editing hobbyist who recently purchased an Asus GL552Vx laptop with a 4k moniitor, 16GB RAM,  and an NVIDIA GTX960m card.


      It replaced a 4year old inspiron with an i52450 processor that wasn't up to the task of working with 4k, but performed well with 1080 media.

      The main intended use of the new Asus was the need for a more powerful laptop to do 4k video editing with Prem El 14.

      After several weeks of use I have found the laptop to be problematic in working with Prem El due to the known scaling problems inherent in a 4k laptop display.


      I thought that the NVIDIA card would help with the 4k video editing,  but after researching this forum I read a post by AT Romano who advised that NVIDIAs cuda acceleration feature benefits will only work with Premiere Pro not with Prem El.  I also was able to learn  that   Intel's onboard 530 graphics display conflicts with NVIdia's card and can cause problems in Video Editing 4K files.


      Others have written that Windows scaler presents other display issues so all my attempts to edit and export 4k files have been very frustrating requiring work arounds, re-starts, disabling the onboard display card etc.


      Have finally come to the realization that editing 4k on the expensive ASUS is not worth it,  and have come to realize that 1080 projects are more than adequate for my needs.

      Would greatly appreciate some opinions from experienced  hobbyists and our inhouse Gurus on my observations.