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    Can't find iPhoto/Photos for import to Lightroom



      I am new to Lightroom. I literally downloaded the Creative Cloud from Amazon last night. When I click the "import" button, it brings up access to essentially every file on my computer except for photos that have been uploaded to iPhoto/photos since October 2015. I have tried every way to find a link to these photos and it is as if they do not exist to Lightroom. Outside of Lightroom, I now notice that when I look at "Pictures" in my Finder window, there are all of my old photos (pre 10/2015) and simply a file called "iPhoto library" and a file called "Photos library." Neither of these files can be opened from the finder. If photos is opened, all images are there.


      I feel like there is something corrupt going on behind the scenes that is misdirecting my photos. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!


      -- ALlison