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    File Transfer to another HDD/SSD

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      I`d like to ask what is the Best or Right way to transfer/ copy video files from one hard drive to another?


      i am using WIN 8.1 pro 64bit, i7 4930k, 32 GB ram, -


      - Usually when i need to transfer video file to another HDD , i just do CUT on one drive and PASTE to another drive. Is it ok to do?

      - If not what is the right way to do it?

      - Is there any soft for safe Copy or transfer files from 1 HDD to another?

      - Is there any difference (with in that subject) between HDD and SSD?



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          its better to copy the files, then once the copy is done go back and delete from the old location. if you were to move (cut/paste) and the computer crashed or power went out, the move (cut/paste) may be interrupted. its normally fine but in rare situations it may corrupt the file being moved.


          there are several programs that copy then delete, but also add in another step of file verification before deleting the old files. so it copies, verifies, then deletes. a popular one is Teracopy, and there are several others like it if you search around. some can integrate into windows to replace the cut/copy/paste commands, to avoid adding extra steps or changing behavior. they can also report if the files moved ok or if there were errors.