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    Problem Reinstalling LR6 standalone after cancelling LR CC


      Hello, I purchased LR6 in April, 2015. In July, 2015 I thought I would give Creative Cloud a try as well so I could edit on the go. I ended up not using it, as it took too long to sync. My one-year subscription just expired. However, when I uninstalled the Creative Cloud version and tried to reinstall the LR6 standalone, it seems I cannot get rid it. This is what I have done: I signed out of Adobe completely (a tech support told me to do that to avoid it going back the CC), I downloaded and used the Creative Cloud Cleaner tool, uninstalled Lightrooom (four times now) and each time I reinstalled, the version that opens tells me the Lightroom is going to be at low-functionality until I manage my account. I don't need to manage my account if I am using the standalone version, so WHY does it keep installing the Creative Cloud version? I know I am using the correct download link because I checked, but also two different agents have me the link for Lightroom 6 to download. I am at a loss here. Help, please! Thank you!