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    Range of adjustment with brushes is very limited

    aliciasdad Level 1

      I'm running LR6.6 on my desktop Mac Mini and my Macbook.  The range of the brush adjustments (exposure, contrast, highlights, etc) is much, much wider with my Macbook than my desktop Mac Mini.  Both are running the latest version of El Capitan.  If I select "Exposure" when I use the brush for a local adjustment on my Mac Mini, I can set the slider all the way to 4 with only the barest difference noticeable between that the original image.  On my Macbook, 4 goes to very bright (expected) and all other adjustments seem to be working as they should.  I've installed another copy of LR, but the result is the same.


      Can't figure this one out.  Hope somebody here can help.  Thanks!


      - Steve