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    Cannot retrieve bufferLength from a valid FLVPlayback instance.

      This is the most fascinating issue. I've a legit FLVPlaypack instance on the stage which plays my media with few playback issues. We're choking our network in order to necessitate streaming from the server. Unfortunately, we can't get the bufferLength property back from the FLVPlayback component. Standard FCS setup, encoded with Flash 8, nothing special on the videos. They play well enough at any rate.

      Of course, it's not listed in the documentation, so I presume that we're going to have to find some roundabout method of accessing this information, which I presume is entirely available due to the fact that FLVPlayback implements netstream to a degree.

      I've broken a mouse at this point. Shattered the damn thing against the wall. I have noted that similar quesitons on other forums have either gone unanswered or "but you can see that it IS streaming, so just do a little streaming animation" is the standard solution. In this case, I actually NEED the number, per mandate, and mostly to make the little "dual progress bar" where you get to see how much is buffered and how much is playing

      Thank you all for your time. I appreciate your assistance in this matter.