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    HELP! choosing the right plan for a very small business




      I apologise in advance if any of these questions seem trivial. I have sourced out many adobe forums in attempt to find the answer, but often it is a bit too convoluted for my novice-Adobe brain to comprehend!


      I am part of a very small architectural firm who operates from two locations, regularly requiring InDesign and the occasional Photoshop. Currently, our membership includes 2 x CC teams Single-App memberships (for Indesign and Photoshop) which is cheaper per month than the CC All Apps membership.


      While we have a team-based membership, I am the sole employee who is competent(ish!) in using the programs however the Adobe account is not in my name. From what I understand of CC, the benefit is that I am able to access the same project from our second location/computer.  Currently we only have it installed on a singular computer as I have only recently come to understand that a singular license allows for two working installations (although please correct me if that is incorrect!).


      My question/s are as follows:

      1. Is the single license which can be installed across two computers applicable to all Adobe membership/s i.e. Individual and CC, as it

      2. If there is only one primary user who works across two locations, is it better to have an CC individual or CC teams membership?

      3. Are there more benefits for having the All-apps memberships as opposed to having 2 x singular-app subscriptions?


      I have recently requested an Adobe consultation into this matter, and I know this information is available but I feel that my limited understanding of Adobe is hindering my ability to comprehend which membership is the best for us!


      I hope my queries make sense but please feel free to ask any questions. Any input or directions to appropriate resource that you can provide is much appreciated!

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          I do think the Cloud is worth it.. even for a small business... Adobe Acrobat is essential for any business these days.. and if you use Photoshop and InDesign (just those for now).. in time you will use others.. Illustrator for an architects' office I would have thought was relevant.. and others in time. At first I thought it was expensive but now I don't think so.. they are essential apps and really good.  I would go for CC single membership and see how you go.

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