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    Loosing Warp Stabilizer when moving from PR to AE


      Hey everyone!  Just a bit confused with workflow here.  So lets say I have a whole project laid out in premiere with a song below it (a bunch of clips).  Now I want to do some fancy transitions within after effects.  Is there an easier way than to dynamic link each clip over to after effects?  Also, I have used the warp stabilizer on a few of the clips.  When the clip is in premiere it looks perfectly smooth, then I send it to after effects through dynamic link.  When it arrives in after effects it shows that it is stabilizing, but doesn't look as stable as it was in premiere.  (it looks more stable than the original clip, but not as stable)  If I want when the single clip is back in premiere I can re-stabilize it, but if it is two clips dynamic linked together, the stabilization won't work as well obviously.  SORRY IF THIS WAS CONFUSING!  Some tips on workflow in general would be great!