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    Titan P vs dual 980TI?

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      I am thinking of going down to 1 GPU and getting the new Titan this August or October when it's available has anyone noticed good performance gains over the 980 TI's with the new pascal architecture.Will mainly be used for Blender Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other adobe applications with color grading in Davinci.


      The new card is supposed to be unveiled at gamescom this August from the word on the street.


      Current system specs


      5930k 6 Core 4.5Ghz

      64GB DDR4

      X2 EVGA 980ti SC 6Gb VRam

      1300W EVGA PSU

      256GB Samsung 950 SSD

      500GB Samsung EVO

      4 Other random SSDs


      Also any input on if these new cards would just be bottlenecked by cpu would be cool also been considering the new 6900k CPU wondering if that may also be a better option.

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          its better to have just one gpu when possible as scaling with multiple cards can bring overhead, reducing the performance increase of adding the second card, and not all programs/plugins work with multiple gpu's. the titan P is rumored to have 3840 cuda cores, which is 2x gtx 1070 cards, which are suppose to be equal to the power of the gtx 980ti. so it would be down to pascal vs maxwell and how much performance scaling is lost in different programs with the second 980ti. also, the titan P having higher memory may help with davinci resolve, but probably not premiere.


          puget did an article about premiere pro with the gtx 1070 and 1080, this one chart sticks out to me as it shows the gtx 1070 performing faster over similar performance rated maxwell cards. it might be the faster clock speeds of the pascal cards or something else that nvidia did with the new architecture. the gtx 1080 being so close to the gtx 1070 also suggests the test project may have been bottlenecking on the 10 core cpu. other programs besides premiere may behave different than this chart shows, so keep that in mind.

          premiere and gtx 1000.jpg


          a bottleneck will depend on the programs and projects involved. premiere is primarily cpu based and may see a decent boost from an 8 core cpu upgrade, but other programs like resolve that primarily use the gpu over the cpu may not see much benefit. you can check what your system is doing now with windows task manager and GPU-Z. you can launch gpu-z twice and set each one to a different gpu to see both in action. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Adobe-Premiere-Pro-CC-2015-Multi-Core-Performan ce-Update1-806/

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