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    Only one format?


      I'm having to use Editions to read a particular book but i can't seem to change the format for reading it.It's sending me crazy scrolling down,i can't read that way!

      Is there any way to change it so it's more of a  ◀▶ way to read?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Nanaky Level 5

          Digital Edition chould not change the format of a eBook. You can it only read how the creative of the eBook it work. You can only ask the reseller of the eBook for a other format.

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            samc011974 Level 1

            Perhaps i didn't explain what i meant well enough.Nobody would make a book that reads top to bottom in one continuous stretch,talk about the world's longest book!

            I have never,ever seen any kind of ebook where you can't turn the pages and read left to right just like a paper book,with every other device i've used,the option was there to do either.

            And actually,i've dug a little deeper and found out that if it's an epub file or i convert it to one,i'll then be able to read left to right and 'turn' the 'pages'.

            Ah,sanity prevails