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    CC sphere object blurred

    arvyt62488061 Level 1

      so here my problem

      i make video presentation with size 1920x1080


      one of my scene is zooming my map

      the asset was vector based from .ai


      since it will be zoomed, i thought ill make high pixel on ai will slove the problem. so my layer size on ai & composition size on ae for this map was 10000x5000


      this one source composition for the earth with 10000x5000 pixel



      this is the composition, when i make CC sphere, the size was same with the source. 10kx5k pixel

      but when i turn that into earth sphere....the sphere was so small (maybe this the problem why it blurred)




      here the comparison, the front one was the source earth map i put inside 1920x1080 composition

      the image still great didnt blur

      but the back one, when i put the cc sphere inside 1920x1080 composition, it still blurry

      how do i fix this?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You misunderrstand. CC Sphere is still a pixel-based effect that causes rasterization. You can blow up your image to even bigger sizes and it wil lstill look pixelated eventually. That's a limitation you have to live with. Zooming in infinitely directly on such an effect is not the most sensible approach, anyway. You need to separate your zoom into multiple steps and then add "invisible" cross-fades. This also makes your project much more managable once you are working on the detail level.



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            arvyt62488061 Level 1

            thanks for your replies


            is there any other techniques other than that?


            if i use such 3d earth, lets say from cinema 4d, or any 3d software

            should it have good resolution when i zoom in? or stil blur like CC sphere?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Pixels are pixels. If you want to move in and fill the screen with 10% of the image then that 10% must contain about the same number of pixels as your comp does.


              If you are using CC Sphere and your comp is 1920 x 1080 then you start by figuring how much of the sphere you want to fill the frame. When you wrap a sphere the image needs to be 3.14 times the height. (Formula for the circumference of a circle) If you want the sphere to fill the frame vertically then the minimum size of the image would be 3,394 x 1080. (1080 x 3.141 rounded up to the next whole number). If you want to move in on the sphere so you fill the frame with 1/4 of the frame then th minimum height of the image would be 4320 (1080 X 4) and the width would be 13572.


              If if you are using image files for the surface map that's how you calculate the best size for the image. If you are using vector files then this is how you calculate the size of the nested comp that would contain your vector artwork that you would use for the sphere surface.


              The same calculations must be applied when you are creating text your maps for 3-D objects in 3-D apps.