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    Only have 29 days to deactivate


      I have lightroom 6. One is installed on my computer at home over 3000 miles away and the other one is installed on my laptop workstation with me. The laptop workstation crashed several times in the last year and I re-downloaded the lightroom 6 from my account. I am now receiving a message every time I open lightroom stating "the serial number...... is already in use by the maximum allowed computers. You need to deactivate another computer within 29 days use of this product." I have gone up to the help tab in light room and there is no option for me to deactivate a computer. The one thing I hate about Adobe is that I can never talk to somebody live our telephone or chat online I have to rely on trying to solve a problem in this format while they are still threatening to deactivate the computer that I mind. I cannot emphasise that I am over 3000 miles away and all the work that I have done on this computer I hope Adobe will not deactivate it and I lose everything. I would appreciate any and all the help in assisting me to resolve this. Thanks! Please send any and all replies to mike@ehelps.net