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    type of hardware for building a pc for premiere pro


      What type of Hardware should i be looking to buy to use for adobe premiere pro hd video and photoshop? budget around £1000 to build pc form scratch. ( i have had some decent answers so far but would like to know if possible what the types of hardware i need to be looking at e.g type /version of cpu/mothernboard/gpu /duel channel ram etc. thanks

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          for that budget it would be a system built around an intel 4 core i7 cpu, 16gb of ram (dual channel 2x8gb), 250gb ssd for os/apps/cache, 2tb hdd for media (another small ssd if projects are small enough is another option), gtx 960 or similar video card.


          if you want to overclock it will cost a bit more for better components like the i7-6700k, higher quality z170 motherboard, faster ddr4-2800 or ddr4-3000 speed memory, higher quality and higher watt power supply, and better cpu cooler. if you don't want to overclock the parts change to i7-6700 (non "k"), h170 motherboard, ddr4-2133, bronze or gold 650w power supply, and more affordable cpu cooler.


          samsung ssd's like the samsung 850 evo are good.

          for gold rated psu's look at corsair rmx or rmi (not the rm without x or i ) or evga g2.