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    Bad Parameter and Improper Structure Errors preventing important publication process

    authentic vegan



      Urgent assistance needed, I keep getting "bad parameter" and "improper file structure errors" out of nowhere, when seeking to execute basic pdf -file alterations, unable to delete pages and save, both essential right before uploading the files to be published.


      They occur on all PDF creation options at this time, the original file is MS Word 2007, Word's saved as PDF became disabled first, but problem followed when using Adobe PDF maker as well.


      Brand new installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro on Windows 10, market leading Samsung computer, nevertheless, updated the installation with no change on the matter, also sought to repair the installation, but did not help either.


      Kindly assist, the publication deadlines are approaching and multiple irrational errors at this stage simply bring forth all the bad things and memories of this world to sight. Publications are important, for they reveal the eternal secret for the proper fuel for human life energy. Highly recommend them to all.


      Thanks for your help.




      Dr. Maiju Perala

      Founder and CEO Authentic Vegan