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    Transfer e-books from one Adobe ID to another




      I have bought a number of e-books with an Adobe ID I no longer have access to. I forgot the password of that Adobe ID and the email address is no longer accessible for me. It does not exist anymore. Therefore I cannot request a new password.

      I got the advise to create a new Adobe ID and de-activate re-activate the Adobe Digital Editions installation. Despite the warning that e-books might not be accessible, I proceeded. As you might have guessed, I cannot open the old e-books anymore as they are associated to my former Adobe ID. I get an E_ADEPT_INTERNAL error when I try to open the old ebooks.


      Is there a solution for this? Is it possible to remove the association of an ePub file with a certain Adobe ID and associate it with a new one. I cannot imagine that I am the first one that is presented with this issue. There should be a standard solution for this issue. However, I looked through the forums but I was unable to find a proper solution. Buying all the old ebooks anew isn't an option to my mind.


      Best egards, Kees