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    Input Text reference not working

      I have an instance of a movie clip called "Search_Input" that has within it a single Input Text
      box called "Input_txt" that is intended for the user to enter a search string into


      Next to that I have a button (not part of the movie clip) with the following action assigned to it:
      on (release) {

      When the flash movie is packaged and I upload it to the www, everything plays fine and I can enter
      text into the Input Text box, but when I click the button I get an error which displays my POST string
      as "search.php?query=&search=1" which means that my reference to the "Input_txt" is not working.

      I have replaced the "Input_txt" reference in the On Release statement with a literal value (like "concrete") and
      packaged and tried the flash movie on the www and it worked fine.

      I have tried alternative variable assignment for the value of "Input_txt" with a trace and it shows as undefined, so I'm pretty sure my reference or the syntax of the reference to the "Input_txt" item within the movie clip must be incorrect.

      I'm at my witts end, where am I making the mistake at? If anybody can help, I sure would appreciate it.