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    Linking rotation with a null-object gives false results

    Fred van Os Level 1



      Hopefully I can explain my frustration problem. Because it used to work. When I connect - lets say - a text object to a null object in a 3d surrounding, using the keyframe pinpointer, to connect the text to position of the null . So the text follows the position of the null. So far so good. Now in the new update, suddenly the rotation does not work. It looks the text is facing the camera all the time (and, yes auto-orient is off). Even if I connect the rotation from the null to the text layer, is still does not follow the rotation of the null object. In previews version of after effects this was not an issue. Now it is.



      Clip demonstration my problem.

      Please creators of after effects, have a look into this.


      After effects version 2015.5