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    How override stop(); frame scripts?

      G'day :>

      I'd like to override the frame scripts that contain stop(); when using a button, so the animation can be played in continuous mode and not stop at the stops(); . Thisdis useful for seeing a complete animation in one go, as the user noramlly has to press Play when the playhead stops. I can do it easily in Director but...
      Thanks in Advance
      Kev in Aussie
        • 1. How override stop(); frame scripts?
          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          many ways this could be done kev. here's one - you could set a variable to true eg loop=true when the button is clicked(loop should equal false otherwise).
          then the frame in the animation rather than simply stop() would say something like:
          if (loop==false) {
          obviously make sure you get your pathing right. i.e. if the animation is inside a movieclip, loop would need to be referenced like: this._parent.loop