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    Selecting text is buggy




      I have an issue with InDesigns Object-Selection. Whenever I select a color or have any other tool-window open, I have to click somewhere on the page to deselect the options, then click to select a text object, MOVE THE MOUSE and then doubleclick to get into the text. Another example: single-click on a text-object, open the colour tab on top, try double-clicking into a different textbox, without moving the mouse while doing so, to no success. This has become very frustratng, as the mouse-movement is- in my opinion - completely unneccessary, but if I don't move it, I can click hundreds of times and it wouldn't select the text. Something similar can happen with the selection of tools, too, and is not slowing me down any less.


      System is w8.1 but I found this happens with w10 too.