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    Adobe digital edition: no response




      i bought an acsm-file which I need to read due to coming exams in 1 week. I've downloaded ADE and logged in from my old account.

      Then I opened the acsm file and ADE downloaded it. Before ADE completely downloaded it, ADE crashed. (I thought wow.. this is not true, is it?!).

      After I restarted it, the book was in my lib.. okay then, let's open it. Crash.

      Fine. Restart. Open the book! Crash. GREAT. Did a trainee or pupil program this software or what...

      When I'm not trying to open a book, it's not going to crash but as soon as I want to read a book, it's crashing, 100% percent.


      I've also tried it out with different kind of books.


      I'm so mad the website I bought the books are only avaible with the acsm standard and it's binded to ADE. I thought Ok, I've heard a lot about Adobe (Photoshop, Illustration... but I know that Adobe Reader sucks too..) and was carefree.

      But atm I regret it not searching explicitly for .pdf-files.


      So what's next? I removed the books from my lib and added them again (download error: E_STREAM_ERROR, license error... hahaha.. ok).

      After a few trials it worked. Well, "worked", the program ADE crashed again after almost downloading the file.

      What's wrong with that ***** program?


      Is there ANY alternative?

      I mean, what can I expect from software that I've downloaded and installed properly? THAT IT WORKS!

      That paradigma should been known to every software programmer... Version 4.5... feels like beta. Holy moly..