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    Graphic Box Has No Width or Height

    Bobby Crosbo Level 1


      I am having a strange problem regarding working with InDesign and a database publishing system. We are using InDesign CS 5.5 with Adbase's 'PGL' page building program, and a plug-in called 'PageLink'.


      This is all very proprietary, and the specific problem is one the support staff at AdBase is unfamiliar with.


      The 'core' of the problem is that when a PDF with bleed is placed on a page, instead of seeing a graphic box with typical X and Y dimensions, we are instead seeing only a 'point' - something that marks the upper left origin of the item's placement, and that's all. No width or height at all.


      So we are wondering if anyone has ever seen this behavior before, under any circumstances. We are not having issues placing graphics that do not bleed.

      Again, this is InDesign CS 5.5 used one Windows 7 machines. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!