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    Pen Tool, select paths, basic shapes, etc.

    lucasdesenhista Level 1

      Hi, first sorry for my bad english.


      I bought the ipad pro and apple pencil, when it was released last year, trying to replace my macbook and imac in illustration and design work. I hope that Adobe, as one of the major software developer for design, would make a pro software for us "artists" in a couple of months. Don't need to be as pro as the full version of mac os, but at least something that work for all kinds of artists:

      1- free handed drawings


      2- precise geometric drawings


      In the first option this version of "illustrator draw" works regular, not fantastic and not bad. We can make several good drawings, the quality is good. But everytime I need a more precise move, little details. The frustation begins: no paths, no selector to move a part of the drawing (just moves the whole layer), etc.


      In the second option "illustrator draw" is just not make to work with these kind of artists (my case). I don't want to be repetitive but all I can say is that I tried to work with adobe apps with my ipad pro and apple pencil. And it's impossible (for my kind and style of work).


      I downloaded Autodesk Graphic and Protosketch. Both of them is much MUCH better than illustrator draw, I can get the final result in both of them. There is the pen tool, bezier works just fine, select paths, paint, repaint, move, align, insert position and scale, delete and anything I want is possible with these apps.


      So my question is, why adobe don't develop an app that make what these apps already make for years?


      Where is the pen tool (bezier, etc)? where is the select points? where is the basic of any vector software?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Lucas,


          I'm sorry for taking so long to respond. Thanks for posting.


          When Draw was created it was designed as, well, an adjunct to Illustrator CC. Something that would enable people to start a project away from the desktop... and then complete it on the desktop.


          People have begun using it for more. That has intensified since the introduction of Apple's iPad Pro and Pencil and we receive many requests and suggestions for making the app more "useful." And we take them to heart with regard to Draw's evolution. That said, despite the fact that they are requested with some regularity, I'm not certain what the plan is for incorporating Illustrator-like bezier or selection tools into the app. I wish I had more information for you...


          I do pass all comments along to the product team and I'll share yours, in its entirety, with them too.


          Thanks again for taking the time to post.