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    Which tablet to buy for use with Creative Cloud (Lightroom Photoshop)?



      I can't seem to find the best answer to this question. I want to purchase a tablet that can be used with my cloud account.

      Using Photoshop and Lightroom on the tablet is the goal. Which tablet make/model is compatible to do this?


      I am a photographer and want to edit photos in the field. I don't need to sync files through the cloud.



      Chris R.

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          this premiere/hardware forum usually answers questions about pc's, so you might not get many responses here for tablets. you might want to ask on the photoshop forum and specify mac vs windows and features like screen size, pen, sd card reader, and keyboard.


          i think the adobe apps on ipad and android tablets are different programs, like photoshop mix and photoshop fix. so if you want to use desktop versions of photoshop and lightroom, i think you would need a windows 10 tablet. there are lots of pc companies making these windows tablets like the HP Elite x2 1012, asus transformer book chi, and microsoft surface pro. i don't know which is better, but you would want one with at least 8gb of memory, which may be in an intel i5 or m5 cpu model. there are 16gb and m7/i7 cpu models, but they usually take a big price jump for the little performance gain they offer. the intel i5 cpu's in the microsoft surface pro are laptop cpu's which are a bit faster than the M5 cpu's in some other tablets, but the M series cpu's are rated for about half the power which should help with battery life. i've also heard of annoying latency with pens on the windows tablets, i'm not sure if that's fixed now or which tablets had that problem.