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    Making Superior Court Forms PDF's


      Dear Group:


      When I fill in ordinary superior court forms and save (or copy) them as PDF's thereafter I am unable to combine them. I get a message

      that says that I need a password. I did not create the form to need a password and I do not want a password. When I brought up the form

      and tried to change the security to not require a password I got a message that I could not do this because the form was either signed or

      was certified. I might add that my e filing service says that they have had trouble e filing online superior court forms.


      Once I complete a form I want to be able to change it into an ordinary PDF that does not need a password, just like any letter or pleading that

      I have copied as a PDF.


                                                                                                                         Thanks, David

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi Davids,


          Sorry for the delay in response.

          When you sign the document that means the document/transaction is complete and it requires no further change.

          Signing the document is actually locking it for further change.

          And combining the pdf's is merging the documents together, which requires disassembling the existing ones and creating a new one.


          You may try PDF portfolio if you have to combine individual documents. Let us know if you have further questions.


          -Tariq Dar.