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    Aligning and distributing frames / images


      Hi everyone


      So I have four pictures that I want to line up in my page, and I want them all the same size, and all with 4mm between them. Is there a quick way of doing this using either the Align tool (had a bit of a play with it but couldn't get it to work) or do I just resize them and use the 4mm space with Align?


      Thanks for any tips!

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          G. Singelmann Level 3

          So, you have frames A,B,C and D.


          1. Select A
          2. Use the "w" and "h" fields in the control panel to resize A
          3. Select B,C and D
          4. Select the menu item: Object > Transform Again > Transform Individually
          5. Drag B,C and D so that they are below and to the right of A
          6. Select All
          7. Open the Align panel and show options
          8. Enter "4mm" as distance
          9. Click on A again, so that you see a blue outline
          10. Align left
          11. Distribute vertically


          If all else fails, read the manual

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            Randy Hagan Adobe Community Professional

            The easiest way, I think, would be to:


            1) Create one image frame, then use the Alt/Option+drag capability to drag four equally sized image frames,


            2) Place the four images in the frames in the order you want them, then use the Object>Fitting>Fit Content to Frame menu command (Cmd/Ctrl+Option/Alt+E shortcut), provided they share the same height/width aspect ratio,


            3) Select all four image frames, and open the Align panel.


            4) Select the Align Objects: pictogram with the edge you want to line them up to,


            5) Choose the Distribute Spacing: pictogram with the sides where you want space,


            6) Then select the Distribute Spacing check box and enter 4mm in the accompanying edit box.


            You can do that in seconds. Far faster than the time it took to type this out. But that should work quickly for you.