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    Specialized Page Numbering in Acrobat X Pro


      I have a need to have separate page numbering on left and right facing pages. So here's what I mean...  I'm creating a trainer's guide that has training notes on the left or even pages (in two-page view).  These notes correspond to the opposite pages (right-side odd pages), which is what the student will see in their guide.  I want to set it up this way so the facilitator can see what the student will see in their guide, and reference that page if needed.


      The problem with that is the page numbers do not correspond correctly between guides.  What happens is, the page numbers will be sequenced so that the first page in the document (Left - trainer's page) will be labeled 1A  and the second page, which is the student page 1 is paginated as page 2, then it continues 3A, 4, etc.  I would like all left pages to be sequenced like this...  1A, 2A, 3A, etc.  Then I would like all right pages to be sequenced like this... 1, 2, 3, etc.  That way the pages are matching.


      Hopefully this is not too confusing and that there is an answer out there.  The originating software is not able to do this, so I'm hoping that it can be done in Acrobat.