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    Reading raster image DPI while importing


      Hi All,

      Creating a simple script to import a graphic into an anchored frame document. All is working fine, but I cant find a way to read the DPI from the raster image so I can modify the now hard-coded value on lines 10-11.

      I found: Constants.FS_InsetRasterDpi, but this seems to be for SVG data.

      I assume it has something to do with the Imported Graphic Scaling dialog (see image below).


      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.


          if(myFrame != null){
              //only proceed if valid frame
              var props = new PropVals();
              var strFilename = "";
              props = GetImportDefaultParams();
              var index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_HowToImport);
              if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoByRef; //import by Reference
              index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_FitGraphicInSelectedRect); //Do not fit
              if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = false;
              index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_GraphicDpi); //96 DPI
              if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = 96; 
              index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_ShowBrowser); //ShowBrowser to get file
              if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = 1;




      oDoc.Import(oDoc.TextSelection, path, props, returnParms);