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    "Selected folder doesn't contain a config.xml file" when creating new project. Tried a dozen things already!


      I just recently installed the PhoneGap Desktop App on my Windows 7 (64-bit) PC (the latest version, 0.3.3). When I tried creating a new project, after filling in all the fields and clicking the "create project" button, I just get a red error message popping up that says "Selected folder doesn't contain a config.xml file", and it does this every single time. I already did an EXTENSIVE amount of research on this, and I know that the problem is that PhoneGap is not copying the correct template files to my new project, and that all the folders it creates in my project folder are empty.


      Through my searching around, I could only find other people having this same issue in older versions of PhoneGap from a year ago, and I saw where people from the development team created a bug ticket for it to be looked at and fixed. And then I saw that in some previous update to PhoneGap, the development team stated that they fixed the issue that caused this error. Well, if I am using the latest version, and this issue was supposedly fixed already, why am I having this same problem?


      Since I read that the most likely cause of the problem is that the PhoneGap Desktop App is unable to download the template files, I have already tried many things to fix this: I made sure PhoneGap is allowed in my Windows Firewall, then I tried completely disabling my firewall, then I tried disabling my router's firewall. I also tried running PhoneGap Desktop as administrator. Nothing helped. I then went on and installed the program on THREE OTHER COMPUTERS (2 of them also running Windows 7 64-bit, and one running Windows 10 64-bit), and they ALL had the SAME PROBLEM.


      If someone from the development team, or anyone else intimately familiar with PhoneGap, could please help me out as soon as you're able to, I would greatly appreciate it, as I am trying to get a commercial project started for the company I work for. Thanks.