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    Exceptional slow to upload images in LR cc latest on imac

    nigelc97558265 Level 1

      Hi is anyone else having this problem?  HELPPPPPPPPPPPP@ !


      I have recently joined Adobe cc photographer package and downloaded the latest versions of both PS CC & LR CC. PS is fine but LR now is pretty much unusable when trying to upload from my CF card which was never an issue with LR5


      It is now taking an age too or never to upload.


      I have tried several different CF cards all with the same issues.


      I have sworn at the MAC which has not resolved the issue either  


      I have unticked the box which allows the graphics card to be used in a way that I understand has caused issues, no difference.

      I have increased the cache to 15mb still the same.


      My system is an Imac running max of 16 RAM. All other programes etc on it run fine with no problems. I download in excess of 1000 images on a wedding and can't afford this sort of error, its just not acceptable when editing these quantities on a regular basis.


      PLEASE< PLEASE can someone offer me a robust resolution.


      Kindest regards