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    How would you handle this Adobe Stock workflow problem?

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      I have some images from Adobe Stock that I am using for comps in InDesign.


      They need to be black and white in the comp.


      Once I purchase them, I will apply the B/W image adjustment layer in PSD. But for now I want them to appear B/W for the comp.


      Here's my dilemma.


      If I open and apply the B/W image adjustment layer, I have to save it as a PSD file to be able to make adjustments to the adjustment layer. Then I lose the ease of buying the stock image by clicking the little cloud.


      If I open and apply the B/W conversion to the image and resave as a JPEG, I lose the ability to alter the B/W setting for the comp.


      I can do some workarounds by creating a black object set to "Hue" and positioning it over ID, but it's a lot of extra work and will make it difficult to modify the comp on the fly.


      What am I missing that would make this so much easier?