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    Transfering RAW + edits from PC to Mac and back again


      Hey guys,

      Here's my situation:


      I have a pc at home, with a ****** screen and a nice 5k iMac at work.

      I use the same CC account for both systems but have separate libraries (personal stuff on the PC, work stuff on the mac)


      Since my own screen is so crappy I'd like to check my pictures on the mac (again, not in the same location and network, and a different catalog) and tweak them if needed.

      This would mean I'd need to get access to the RAW file and the edits and pull those in on the mac, edit them and push them back out again.


      What would be the best way to do this?


      Lightroom Mobile doesn't support multiple libraries so that won't work.

      They only way I see it working is exporting the pictures as a catalog, putting it on dropbox or drive, importing it on the mac, and then exporting them back again to the drive?


      I'm hoping there's a better/easier way to do this?


      Any help is more then appreciated!