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    Livecycle Designer Support

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      I run a consulting company and i purchased livecycle designer in february for my Admin at that time. That admin had to be let go recently and took the computer that livecycle was downloaded on. I have no way of contacting him now. I have tried all day long to get in touch with anyone at adobe in regards to how I can re download this product and retrieve my login info, but I have not had any success. I have been directed to 2 different email addresses which were not valid, and I have been provided two different phone numbers to call where I was also not able to get anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions of who I can contact to get assistance with this?

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          andrewp73087194 Level 1

          Is anyone ever going to respond to this? You don't offer phone support and I have no other way of getting support for this other than this forum where I got no response. I need to know how to download the software I paid for or I will be calling my credit card company to dispute the charge, and using every outlet possible to make sure people know how terrible the customer service has been so far.