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    How to update flash player for multiple browsers in Mac

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      I first installed Flash Player on my mac and was using it with Safari. Now, recently I started using Opera and when I tried to view flash content it told me Flash wasn't installed. I thought flash installed globally for all browser to use it but I guess I was wrong. Now, Flash on Safari tells me is out of date while Opera is not since I installed it later. Is there a way to keep Flash updated without having to update it individually in every browser I use?  I don't use automatic update by the way. Just a personal preference since I don't always have a fast internet connection.  I'm using Mac OS 10.11.5 by the way.

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          Safari and Opera use 2 different plugin types.  Safari (and Firefox) uses NPAPI plugin and Opera (and other Chromium-based browsers) uses PPAPI plugin.  The best way to keep both player types updated is to opt into Background Updates.  Background Updates checks for an update once per day.  If an update is found it downloads and installs it.  All versions of the player on a system are generally updated within 24 hours of a new version being released.  To opt into Background Updates do the following:


          Launch System Preferences > Flash Player > Updates tab > select Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)