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    In CC 2015.4 I can't find my trusty "New Hyperlink Destination" option




      Please see the below screen shot.


      Upon updating to CC 2015.4, suddenly the "New Hyperlink Destination" option that appears in my right-click menu under "Interactive" is simply gone. Typically, I highlight text in frame, then right-click on it to reveal the menu, then scroll down to the "Interactive" sub-menu, and select "New Hyperlink Destination" (see CS6 2014 portion of screen shot below). I then make the highlighted text a Tech Anchor. Lastly, I select other text in the document and make that a hyperlink to the Text Anchor I just created. I've now spent 90 minutes in CC 2015.4 trying to find these (or new?) options to create a new hyperlink destination (a Text Anchor), with no luck inside the app (can't even find another way to do it), and no luck on forums online. Can anyone resolve this for me?




      7-18-2016 2-57-23 PM.png