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    Camera tracking object not working


      ok i am trying to track an object but it doesnt seem to be working correctly, the object that needs to follow along is moving out of sync with the main object. here are some objetcs to show the tracker and a video showing the issue. any suggestions on this would be welcomed especially detailed ones since i am new to camera tracking.


      camera track on Vimeo


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Have you actualyl applied the tracking data to the Null? Doesn't look this way?



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            mitv67749319 Level 1

            yes i created the null and applied it to it, if your experienced at it let me know so maybe we can shortly skype so you can have a look? my skype is shawnshawn246

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Your screenshots and your video don't show us very much that will help solve your problem except that the null does not move. If you hare having trouble with any effect or process you are trying to use the first thing you should do is type the name of that process in the search help field at the top right corner of AE and check out the community resources. Try typing Track Motion and read the help files to learn how to use the feature.


              Try this: Select all of the layers in your comp, press the U key twice and look for modified properties on the footage layer and the null. Your workflow is flawed.


              You Motion Track (camera tracking is something completely different) by selecting the Motion Tracking workflow, selecting your footage in the Timeline then making sure that layer is selected as the motion source in the Motion Tracking Panel and then you run the track. From your screenshots it doesn't look like you have a very accurate track because planes don't really move like that.


              Then you edit your target and pick the target and then Apply the motion tracking. The target layer will jump to the position of the attach point in your Tracker 1 keyframes. It's as simple as that.

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                mitv67749319 Level 1

                Yes its what i am doing but maybe the motion itself is too large why the tracking wont work?

                here is a video showing what i did

                tracking on Vimeo

                the tracker does not seem to want to stay with the object no matter which area i select and however small, its a exr sequence so idk if that matters, let me know what i am doing wrong, i have seen many videos online about it and read what they have and stil cant get the tracking to work, just to make sure here is one vid i watched to get the workflow, and this is just one, i saw many

                After Effects Basic Tutorial - MOTION TRACKING - YouTube


                i should also mention that at the end i will not be exporting a video but rather a series of jpeg images of the compiled shot

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                  mitv67749319 Level 1

                  i think i will just have to do it manually