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    Optimal specs for Unusual format AE project



      I am about to start a very strange format AE project and I need to know if my machine will be able to handle it with some upgrades or I need to get a totally new machine - and what would the tech specs of that need to be.

      its not HD its not 6K


      here is the project brief

      frame size - 6900 x 1200 @25fps

      Visual style : layers of footage to be roto-ed - or 'cleaned' with filters, two characters animated, and transitions in AE and imported from C4D, with lots of textures.


      My current machine is (don't laugh - or scream) a Mac Book Pro

      this question is primarily as the frame size is 6900x1200 instead of HD or 2k or 4k --- i have been working on this mac book pro for all these formats even if some might not believe its possible

      processor - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7


      memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3


      graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB


      with 1TB hhd



      1. to upgrade this - whats the best i should go to
      2. if i get a new machine - what do I need which is vaguely affordable.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          what do I need which is vaguely affordable.


          Something that hasn't Mac or Apple in its name, presumably. Aside from that bit of sarcasm I see nothing wrong with your system. It's short on RAM and that is the biggest issue, but it's not that it would be unusable. You just can't expect anything to be super fast or realtime. Beyond that I don't see how hardware specs relate to workflows. You could have the beefiest system on the planet and still screw it with a rubbish workflow. We don't know enough about your project, anyway. Your statemnts are way too generic and while this may sound complex to you, it could be someone's bread&butter everyday job on a much worse machine than yours...



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            switchoona Level 1

            Thanks for your reply

            Upping Ram - It just might take in a 16Gb ram - will look into that first.


            Yeah I have worked on much much lower machines as well :-)

            and agree a bad workflow will screw it up - Thats what I am attempting to get right as well, so any leads on that is most welcome.


            What specifics about the project will help in getting a more specific answer?

            Here are some i can think of.

            - the film is meant to be projected across 4 projectors finally

            - the storyboard needs roto on the shoot of two characters and stock

            - I will also be using multiple effects to create the roto-ed and cleaned look

            - there will be animation some like this Dirty Puppet | Evolution  (not my project obviously... but a good inspiration or help to clarify the brief)

            - I might have to pull frames into photoshop and illustrator as well to clean up after edit as well.

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              My Work Station:

              I support M, this is mostly workflow related. Of course the more RAM the merrier.  just finished a project with 13520x1920 final resolution that is supposed to be projected with 12 projectors on a ring of screens. I believe that with a less powerful computer I would act the same - it would be slower but I would finish the job eventually in the time frame I was given.


              I had to prepare for this workflow but had no trouble because I kept things organized and know my way around. as I laid my setup, about 7 Tracking assistants created Tracks for 36 Shots each containing about 50 point tracks (2 persons dancing) in about 120 layers (because had to be different tracks when person is moving etc) Basically you need to divide your project to manageable segments. sometimes I created another aep project to deal with segments separately.


              This is the shot - 2 dancers with tracked dots on top of real dots

              and used Mask Avenger, and Good Parents Scripts to make this happen.


              Some of the Features that you will have to use to keep sanity:


              Layer markers and Comp markers - to make sure layers and comps are in sync

              Shy Layers and Locked Layers - I don't know how many layers are you going to manage at the same time but if they are a lot (if you use scripts that create nulls etc.) you will have to know how to select and deselect and keep your focus so Shy and Locked layers is a must.

              Pre-comps- know what's necessary and how to keep things manageable BUT keep flexibility in accommodate to changes when needed.

              Proxies - LowRez Proxies - so project will run fast when you are working, Lossless Proxies - when you are done so processing will be faster later on.

              Png Sequence - for the master Composition - prepare a Png Sequence as work get's done fill it piece by piece so the final render won't take forever.


              this is my Composition Flowchart:

              I got 6 source materials each at 2048x1080 and a reference how to stitch them together to one panoramic composition. each one of them had to be point tracked in 5 segments  and animation going but there was no overlapping action between them.


              I hope this is clear. I know it's not so ease reading through a setup. feel free to ask any questions and good luck

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Well, here we go... Just speaking about "lots of textures" in a 3D scene isn't that meaningful. We don't even know whether your 3D work will span the entire comp size nor do we know anything about the quality of the textures, your shaders, geometry. There is no direct relationship of any of that with your output resolution as far as the 3D part is concerned. Likewise, your "characters" could be just some tiny part of the overall bit and be their own 720p comp or whatever, which would render any considerations about performance on an unusual comp size moot. Same for "multiple effects" which no doubt would not always cover the entire comp. I really think you're getting ahead of yourself here and are seeing trouble where there may be none. I'm not denying that rendering out the final comp could be tricky and trying, but it's not impossible on your current hardware even, either. As far as I can see, there is nothing in your project that couldn't be solved by tackling it methodically - except for the final assemply, they are separate steps - so you'll end up pre-rendering stuff a lot one way or the other, eliminating good parts of potential performance bottlenecks.



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                  switchoona Level 1

                  you have guessed right -

                  and yes i already hope to work mostly in a way that each element is within its own HD comp with only some elements tying them up and flying across the screen.

                  Makes me feel much much better reading your comment frankly - which will help ease up my storyboarding and visualisation phase (that is now)

                  I'd rather get just a little ahead of myself and get organised right in the beginning rather than jump in and not be able to wade through it all.

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                    switchoona Level 1

                    Thanks a ton!!

                    This really helps - your screenshots really helps in understanding your workflow

                    taking down the notes...


                    will shout out once in production incase i get stuck.

                    Looking forward to seeing your project.

                    and thanks again for taking the time