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    Slide show creation does not follow Adobe instructional video.

    jedokie Level 1

      In Premiere Elements 14 running on Windows 10 I try to follow the make a slide show video. The instructional video shows the Elements Organizer opening with columns on the left side for "Albums" and "Folders". but my organizer opens with no such columns. When the Organizer opens at the upper left hand corner of the screen there is a "Sort by:  " then a window with drop down options for "Name" "Batch Import" etc. Almost all of the screen is filled with grey squares with the upper right hand corner of the page turned down and a diagonal crack across the lower right hand corner.  If I click on "Create" then "Slide Show" I get a message to select photos to use in the slide show. How do I get to the Screen that the instructional video for slide shows opens with? How do I open all the grey squares to show the photos behind the squares? Just two days ago I made a short slide show with about 40 photos of my son Dru and it seemed to function OK. However I wanted to save it as a project and add more photos later so I clicked on the "Save" button on the lower right of the screen and named my project "Baby Dru Project" and clicked to save it. Now I can't find it anywhere. I have followed the two instructions about how to find a saved slide show project but nothing turns up and using "File Explorer" I don't find a project named "Baby Dru Project". Why does your program not save my project and allow me to continue working on it?? This is very discouraging to find that your program does not work like your instructional video about making slide shows. Pleas help.